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Sewage Cleanup in Naperville, Wheaton, & Addison

Sewage Cleanup in Wheaton & Naperville, IL

A sewage backup at your home or office can be very destructive to your property in addition to being a health hazard for humans. When you experience something like this, your first call should be to the proven professionals at EcoDry Restoration. For years, EcoDry has been the go-to company for eco-friendly cleaning & restoration services, including sewage cleanup, in Chicagoland.

We serve homeowners and business owners in WheatonNapervilleAddison, and other Western Chicago suburbs. For our certified technicians, no job is too small or too big for us to handle. Our emergency crews respond on a 24/7/365 basis. To learn more, call 630-454-1316 or click here to make a reservation for services at your property ASAP.

Sewage Clogging Removal in Wheaton & Naperville, IL

Clogged Pipes

Sewage backups caused by clogged pipes and sewer lines frequently result in structural damage to your house or office as well as major water damage. The lowest part of your property—typically your basement—experiences a backlog through toilets and drain pipes because of a blockage in the main pipe line. If the barrier is not taken out, the overflow will keep harming your complete property.

Storm Water Overflows

Storm Water Overflows

A sewer backup may cause by heavy rain. Sewers get overflowed with water during a storm. The water may become trapped and search for an exit if there is even a little obstruction in your nearby region. Unfortunately, that escape route can go through the pipe connecting your house to the public sewer system.

Damaged Sewer Lines

Damaged Sewer Lines

A broken sewage system that has not recently undergone maintenance could also be the cause of a sewage backup. Your sewage backup may be caused by lines that have collapsed, cracked, or broken. Older buildings with cast iron and clay pipes and sewers may rust over time, which makes them more prone to breakdown.

What We Do at EcoDry for Sewage Removal
Tear-out & Disposal

Tear-Out & Disposal

We detect and remove any surfaces that cannot be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized as soon as we arrive at home. This includes porous surfaces like carpet and drywall, both of which cannot be repaired. To fully disinfect the remaining structure, we safely get rid of these materials.

Sanitization & Anti-fungal Application

Sanitization & Anti-Fungal Application

We go around again and apply an effective anti-spray along with eco-friendly cleaning products to the damaged areas. While we finish the sewage damage repair procedure, the cleansers eliminate the dangerous bacteria, parasites, and viruses that are present in sewer backups, and the anti-microbial application prevents the creation of hazardous mold spores.



It will be necessary to dry the area because it was soaked by water and sprayed with other liquids, making it susceptible to mould growth and structural problems. Depending on the sort of dampness involved, the drying period can range from a few days to considerably longer. We monitor the areas daily and use moisture meters to determine when they are dry.



The damaged area must be restored to its pre-loss state as the last step. Either we carry out the work internally or hire a general contractor. This may require a few days or several weeks. Simply put, it depends on how bad the sewage damage is and what must be taken out.

What Should I Do After a Sewage Backup?

  • Do not flush toilets or attempt to drain tubs and sinks. Using the water supply system at your property could be dangerous until the sewage backup has been addressed.
  • Do not use harsh chemicals to unclog the draining system quickly and easily. These chemicals can damage your pipes and sewer lines.
  • If it is still safe, shut off the power. Otherwise, don’t go near any electrical equipment.
  • Wear protective clothing: gloves, eyeglasses, rubber boots, and a facemask.
  • Open windows to allow fresh air in and ventilate the area well to remove any fumes.
  • Add small amounts of chlorine bleach to standing water to ensure some disinfection.
  • Contact the certified technicians at EcoDry for sewage backup cleanup services.

Trust Us to Handle Your Sewage Backup in Arlington Heights & Naperville

For years, our certified technicians at EcoDry Restoration have provided the best available sewage backup cleanup services to customers in Arlington Heights, Wheaton, Naperville, Addison, Downers Grove, and other cities within our service area. Our crews also handle water damage restorationstorm & flood damage restorationdisinfection services, and more. Call us at 630-454-1316 to learn more or simply click here to schedule services today.